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Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to our car leasing FAQ page! If you have any questions ABC Leasing, the services we provide, or vehicle leasing in general, you’ll probably find the answers below. However, if you have any questions that aren’t covered here, please don’t hesitate to contact us at your earliest convenience.
What types of vehicles can you organise funding for?
Any make, any model car or commercial.
Why not go straight to the funder?
We are often able to be more competitive than the major dealerships because we have negotiated preferential buying terms and can combine these with shopping around for the best funding rates. If you don't believe that then we urge you to request a quote from us and compare our prices to those of any of the major dealerships.
Why not go straight to the funder?
We have specially negotiated discounts with all major manufacturers and work with a range of funders. This means we can tailor all quotations to your individual requirements and guarantee a competitive rental.
Can I use my local dealership to supply the vehicle(s)?
Our quotations are based on the most preferential supply terms we have been able to negotiate. If your local dealership can match these terms we can arrange for them to supply the vehicle.
What is included in a maintenance contract?
All routine servicing and maintenance costs are included as well as replacement of certain fair wear and tear items. We can forward you a copy of a maintenance contract if you require further details.
Where would I get the vehicle serviced?
Generally at any franchised dealer. All our Contract Hire funders have servicing accounts set up with the major garages, and their customer service lines can give you full details on nearby garages.
What happens about insuring the vehicle?
You or your company must comprehensively insure the vehicle throughout the contract. We are however authorised by the FSA to introduce you to an insurance provider to offer extremely competitive prices on GAP insurance.
What if I want to hand the vehicle back early?
All contracts state that an 'early termination fee' is payable if the vehicle is handed back early. This is based on the market value of the vehicle when you want to end the contract and the number of months left for the contract to run. We will obtain a costing for you if required.
How does the excess mileage rate work?
At the end of the contract any mileage over the agreed mileage will be multiplied by the excess rate and invoiced to you.
What are the minimum and maximum mileages?
The minimum mileage is 5,000 and the maximum is 50,000 per annum.
What is the minimum / maximum length of contract?
The minimum is usually 1 year and the maximum is usually 5 years.